Summer 2015

Philippines: with family at cemetery

bros-sis SAM_0835 SAM_0836 SAM_0837 SAM_0840 SAM_0841 SAM_0842 SAM_0848 SAM_0849 SAM_0850 SAM_0853 SAM_0856 SAM_0858 SAM_0860 SAM_0861 SAM_0862 SAM_0868 SAM_0870 SAM_0873 SAM_0879 SAM_0881 SAM_0882 SAM_0884 SAM_0887 SAM_0890 SAM_0891 SAM_0892 SAM_0893 SAM_0894 SAM_0896 SAM_0898 SAM_0899 SAM_0900 SAM_0902 SAM_0903 SAM_0904 SAM_0906 SAM_0910 SAM_0911 SAM_0913 SAM_0914 SAM_0915 SAM_0916 SAM_0917 SAM_0919 SAM_0922 SAM_0927 SAM_0928 SAM_0929 SAM_0935 SAM_0950 SAM_0951 SAM_0955 SAM_0958 SAM_0963 SAM_0965 SAM_0967 SAM_0969 SAM_0977 SAM_0978 SAM_0979 SAM_0989 SAM_1001 SAM_1003 SAM_1004 SAM_1005 SAM_1008 SAM_1011 SAM_1012 SAM_1013 SAM_1014 SAM_1015 SAM_1017 SAM_1018 SAM_1019 SAM_1023 SAM_1027 SAM_1033 SAM_1035 SAM_1050 SAM_1060 SAM_1061 SAM_1062 SAM_1064 SAM_1138 SAM_1148 SAM_1170 SAM_1215 SAM_1230 SAM_1238 SAM_1328 SAM_1329 SAM_1331 SAM_1332 SAM_1333 SAM_1334 SAM_1335 SAM_1336 SAM_1338 SAM_1339 SAM_1340 SAM_1341 SAM_1342 SAM_1344 SAM_1346 SAM_1348 SAM_1349 SAM_1351 SAM_1353 SAM_1354 SAM_1355 SAM_1361 SAM_1363 SAM_1370 SAM_1376 SAM_1377 SAM_1382 SAM_1386 SAM_1387 SAM_1392 SAM_1402 SAM_1405 SAM_1407 SAM_1408 SAM_1409 SAM_1450 SAM_1452

2 Responses to Summer 2015

  1. Letty Garcia says:

    Very beautiful pictures of you and your family, Fr. I’m glad you we’re able to go back home for a visit. Glad to have you back home in the US in lil ‘ol Banquete, TX. You were missed greatly by all!!!

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