The King Among Men and Women

The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King (A)

1. Today we celebrate the Kingship of Jesus. Let’s look into some differences between an earthly king and Jesus, the King:

a) An earthly king lavishes himself with power, temporal pleasures, and feeds himself first, before he feeds his subjects. Jesus as King is glorified in all the Angels and Saints and in all who obey His commands, and He nourishes His people with His Body and Blood, the Eucharist.

b) An earthly king surrounds himself with attendants to serve him and surrounds his palace with walls and soldiers for protection. Jesus breaks down walls of isolation, selfishness and indifference, and sends His Angels to protect all who trust in Him.

c) An earthly king surrounds himself with consultants and gathers wise men from many parts of the world to advise and to teach him how to administer and protect his kingdom and how to get richer. Jesus as King gives wisdom to all who obey His commands, to all who seek Him and to all who serve His people.

d) An earthly king exacts tributes from his subjects so that his wealth will grow and his kingdom will be renowned. Jesus as King gives a wealth of virtues and the means to live accordingly to those who seek Him as the only wealth that leads to heaven.

e) An earthly king raises his royal family in knowledge and style to rule and inherit the kingdom. Jesus as King gives knowledge and the style to all who are faithful to Him, so that they can inherit His Kingdom as children of the Father.

f) An earthly king executes and eliminates anyone of his subjects who err or are unfaithful. Even though sins carry death as punishment, Jesus as King carried man’s sins unto Himself to His death on the cross, and gives those who sin an opportunity to return to Him and be reconciled with Him through the sacraments.

2. Change or transformation in our life and our lifestyle will depend on our knowledge: first, knowledge of ourselves and of the world, and; second, knowledge of and relationship with the King of the universe and of our hearts. If we only care about what we need in this world we will reap only temporal things, and any change in lifestyle will all be temporal. However, if we seek knowledge of the God who created all things, we will also reap godly things, and change in lifestyle will not only be on temporal things, but will also be on the spiritual sphere.

To be peaceful and rich in this world is not to bring all things to oneself, but to seek God in all things and in all people. To be peacefully rich, then, is not to worship the things that God made, but to worship God who made all things for the good of all.

3. The instances of help that God is asking of us for people in need are not big and difficult things, otherwise, only a few will be able to do them. Help can be very simple, for it can be given joyfully and generously; and it is given to Jesus Himself. It must be simple enough, that any help should always be performed in the name of Jesus Christ, the King, and done in the spirit of gratitude.

A little help to the weak and needy brings relief and joy to the community. A little effort in the daily practice of the faith and moral life will lead to a hopeful society. A little time spent in prayer daily to reflect on the Word of God and on what we do and say will bring peace in our relationships with others.

4. The Glory of Jesus, the King, is in men and women who are in love with Him, because they see Him as King of all creation and of all people of hope. As we receive Him in the Eucharist, let us promise that we will allow Him to reign in our hearts and in our relationships all through our life. Without this submission of hearts to our King, the world will miss the peace that Jesus wants to bring to us: peace in relationships, peace based on the love and justice of Jesus that we proclaim in the Eucharist today. Let Him reign in our hearts, and we can proclaim boldly: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to people of goodwill, for where God is, there is peace, there is joy, there is hope.

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